Ignite Your Inner Warrior

Who we are

A Word From Our Founder

Who we are

We are trailblazers. We are warriors. We lead with our hearts. We are REAL people. We are here to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health. Our programming includes real talk from our team of experts, covering topics with concrete substance that help you get to a better state of mind. We provide support to both those who suffer with mental health challenges and those looking to support them and increase their own level of mental fitness. We are Braintuff.

Our foundation. The core of our operation.


Transparency. The key to moving things along and making real magic.


The brains of the operation make things happen.


We are all built braintuff and soultuff.


Treating people with loving kindness is how we live each day.

Warrior Stories

Our Process

Firsthand Experience

We are mental health warriors OURSELVES. We share our own experience as a team of business executives, fitness coaches and veterans who have overcome the challenges of our own mental health conditions and are in a position to share our coping mechanisms. Learn firsthand how we are managing to successfully deal with mental health issues and offer hope and advice.

We Give Mental Health Warriors a Voice

We are here to support those who wish to tell their stories and are looking for an outlet for self-improvement that connects like-minded, positive, encouraging and knowledgeable groups of mental health warriors, practitioners and those who support all of us.

Digital and In-Person Experiences

We provide proprietary content from some of the most innovative mindfulness experts in the world to help improve your overall well-being and give you back your own peace of mind.

Our Community

(The Warriors)

We are creating a stigma-busting movement with the help of celebrities, influencers, community leaders and everyday people to change the narrative of how mental health is viewed and treated. We are here to STOP the stigma.

The Dream Team


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